Buying a new home or dealing on with landlord to negotiate on rent can be a daunting task and may cost you time, money and effort. Finding the right property and dealing on with the right buyers/sellers is no doubt challenging, but with the help of real estate properties listing E thiopia, you can find the property of your choice. With thousands of buyers and sellers of properties, you can get in contact without intervention of any third person. is one of the top leading properties listing site that helps Ethiopian real Estate agents, developers, private owners and investors in buying, selling or renting out properties. strives to facilitate through the modern technology in order to offer the top leading marketplace in listing Ethiopian properties. With the help of, you can save a huge amount of money, effort and time with your search. It is easy to find properties on our website and connect with real estate agents, home owners and private owners offering huge selection of properties listed in for sale or for rent. Without doing much, our website will offer you plenty of information about the property to save your precious time and deal with the right buyers/sellers and tenants to deal on a desired property.

Homes for Rent & Apartments for Rent is a perfect place to find rental properties in Ethiopia. You can search for luxury apartments or rental condo for you and your family. With a simple process, you will be presented with thousands of apartments and homes for rent, without moving from your comfortable couch. Easy to use, our website is dedicated to offer you simple portal to search for your dream house or apartment. Simply, type in the keywords and filter the results according to your requirements. For instance, if you need an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and one kitchen in a certain locality simply filter the search results. Our online portal is designed to offer you convenient and most appropriate property of your dream. Never miss the perfect house, apartment or townhouse for rent get away.

Buy Home and Apartment is a perfect online tool for searching homes and apartments for sale in Ethiopia. Our listings offers you millions of home for sale across Ethiopia, with some pictures, property type, number of rooms, built year, lot area and price.

Real Estate Agent is a local directory of brokers and real estate agents in Ethiopia. It connects the home buyers and seller who can interact with professional agents to meet their specific needs. Ethiopian real estate market is diverse and choosing a real estate agent or broker with local know how guides you and makes it easy for you to buy, sell or rent your next apartment or home. Our website is a one stop marketplace to guide you and connects you with estate agents who are experts in buying, selling, relocation or foreclosures along with other options. Moreover, you can also associate with local agent or broker who can offer you help in buying and selling of properties.

Why advertise on

The main reason for advertising with is to bring your property in front of a large number of audiences in Ethiopia. As long as your property is presented in front of the interested people, there are big chances of sale within less time.

Reasons for Choosing

Big Audience: Your property can be seen by the biggest audience, interested in buying your property.

Save Money: Without wasting your time and money, you can advertise your property and get in contact with contractors, agents and potential buyers within no time.

Get Contact Info: You can access personal contact info of real estate agents, buyers, sellers and contractors without doing some extra effort.

Upload Picture of Your Property: If you are interested in listing your property on our website, we give you the option to upload the picture. Give your best shot and attract as many buyers as you can.

Sell Directly to Buyers: Without paying any commission or fees, you can sell your property directly to buyers. Handle the enquiries, deal on the best price and enjoy the profits without wasting a dime on huge commissions and fees of intermediaries.

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